Regional Center for International Debate in Katowice is pleased to invite you to take part in an unique event which will take place 14-16 May 2018 – “Europe of the Carpathians” seminar.


14-16 May, 2018 we’re organizing “Europe of the Carpathians” seminar for 16 participants from 8 countries. It’s a continuation of “Via Carpathia – the road to diversity” conference, a project which we organized earlier this year in Cieszyn, Poland. During the project more than 40 young leaders from Central and Eastern Europe discussed opportunities for strengthening cooperation among countries which participate in the Via Carpathia road investment project. We tried to find possibilities for future, strong cultural, economical and political cooperative in our region.

Main goal of the seminar we organize now is supporting cooperation between NGOs from countries engaged in developing Via Carpathia road. Together with our partners from Bulgaria, Romania, Hungary, Slovakia, Lithuania, Greece and Turkey we’re going to spread the discussion about Europe of the Carpathians. We feel that Via Carpathia project has a strategic significance for integration and collaboration in our region.

To realize this goal, we want to get to know past and present political and economical situation of countries in our region between Lithuania and Greece. We want to show that Via Carpathia is a key issue for sustainable development, strengthening economic, cultural and social ties. We will disseminate the results of our workshops and discussions through a social campaign targeted at non-governmental organizations in our countries.


We want to respond to the need for greater economic, social and cultural cooperation between Bulgaria, Romania, Hungary, Slovakia, Lithuania, Greece and Turkey, with special emphasis on non-governmental organizations. For three days, together with representatives of NGOs from each country, we will discuss how NGOs can support the diplomacy of their countries for deeper cooperation.


The conference will be held in Katowice. Working language of the seminar is English.

  • What does the seminar consist of?
    discussion in the topic “The Europe of Carpathians” organized in Regional Center for International Debate in Katowice,
  • planning a social campaign to spread the idea of Via Carpathia as well as necessity of deepening cooperation in our region,
  • attending the European Economic Congress in Katowice as a visitors representing our NGO with opportunity of participation in debates and meeting. EEC is the biggest event in this part of Europe in area of politics, economics and social innovations,
  • meeting with Ambassador of Albania on May 15th.


Semminar schedule


Be a part of our International seminar.

2018.00.00 , Fot. Gabriel Piętka / MSZ
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